Infographic: Top 10 Features Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy Should Have

September 11, 2013


Our most recent survey asked insurance experts on the features or options that they’d recommend every long term care insurance policy should have. From the variety of answers, however, it became clear that the real most important aspect of any policy is the insurance company’s reputation.

Company reputation encompasses the insurance provider’s ratings, how long they’ve been in the business, how well they’ve paid claims in the past and how financially strong they are today. Choosing your carrier is a big decision, and you should try to limit your choices to the major insurance companies offering policies in your state.

Once you make your choice, you can then tailor-fit your long term care insurance to meet your needs. But to get the most from your policy, there are a number of features and options you should heavily consider adding. The infographic below shows why.

To view the infographic in PDF format, click here.


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