Why Should Employers Consider Long Term Care Insurance?

As an employer, you understand the challenges of running a successful company. In today’s competitive economy it is critical to stay on the cutting edge in all aspects of business to grow and thrive. One area that businesses need to focus on are benefits. An often misunderstood and overlooked component of a benefits offering is long term care insurance. While many large corporations have already implemented long term care benefits for employees, the vast majority of business owners have not.

How does Long Term Care Impact your Business?

A study by the MetLife Mature Market Institute estimates that long term care issues cost American industry 29 billion annually in lost productivity, over 50% of caregivers are full time employees.

  • 43% of those needing long term care are working age adults between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • The average annual cost of care in the US is $70,000.

What are the Benefits to Your Business?

Offering long term care insurance to your employees has several benefits:

  • The Tax “Triple-Play”

o   Premiums can be 100% tax-deductible to a business

o   Premiums are not considered income to the employee

o   Benefits received are generally tax-free

  • Selective Offering – not subject to discrimination testing
  • Relaxed Health Screening – can be offered with significantly reduced health questions
  • Worksite Discounts – coverage can be discounted from standard rates

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    Long Term Care Outreach and Education Program™

    At ACSIA Partners, we believe that the most important element of proper long term care planning is education. The Long Term Care Outreach and Education Program™ (LTCOEP) was developed to provide employers of all sizes a turn-key program to offer long term care insurance to executives and staff.

    To learn more about how this program can benefit your company and to receive your free copy of the Worksite brochure call Mario Sestito, Director of Business Development at (518) 817-3446 or e-mail him at mario@acsiapartners.com or fill out the Request Information form above.