90% of your employer clients do not offer a long-term care [LTC] benefit to their employees.
As a benefits broker, your employer clients will be asking you for a solution.
ACSIA Partners, the largest worksite LTC consultant and enrollment firm in the US, can help.

We will:

  • Give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace while generating new and recurring revenue
  • Help you advocate for your clients’ employees to plan for long-term care – a growing need
  • Show you how to leverage the country’s largest no-cost caregiving resource, YourCare360

Why are your clients asking about long-term care?

  • States are considering legislative action & taxes related to long-term care
  • Employers have employees providing care for loved ones, bringing protection against their own risk front of mind
  • Long-Term Care insurance can protect one’s retirement assets and a family’s lifestyle
  • The cost of long-term care is significant and continues to rise

ACSIA can install LTC solutions in companies from 10 employees to over 100,000 employees.

ACSIA Partners covers all aspects of enrollment.

Our services include:

  • Conducting exploratory meetings with decision makers and HR
  • Facilitating proposals from all the top carriers
  • Presenting an analysis of all fundamentally appropriate options
  • Supporting initial and ongoing enrollment with dedicated implementation and account managers
  • Supporting your clients year-round with carrier billing and account service
  • Providing an ongoing revenue stream with our new hire enrollment system

ACSIA Partners consultant-assisted model distinguishes itself from the field.

Employees purchase long-term care coverage decades before they may need care. An educated decision about the benefits of having LTC coverage today can reduce the consequences of a long-term care need and its impact on a family many years from now.

ACSIA Partners has over 100 dedicated LTC consultants nationwide.

Our consultants focus exclusively on educating and enrolling employees in LTC solutions and designing a plan that meets each individual’s needs and their budget.

When an education-based enrollment is paired with ACSIA Partner’s LTC consultants, our enrollments result in:

  1. Higher participation
  2. Higher spousal participation
  3. Higher average premium per application
  4. Higher persistency

YourCare360 is a no-cost benefit for a company’s entire population, not just those who enroll in long-term care coverage!

Long-Term Care insurance may not be right for everyone, but caregiving affects thousands of Americans, many of whom could benefit from caregiving advice and assistance while working a full-time job.

YourCare360 is installed in every LTC insurance program that ACSIA implements. Access is available at no cost to all employees and their families. YourCare360 is designed to mitigate lost productivity and absenteeism in an employer’s community resulting from employees’ caregiver responsibilities.

After registering, your client’s employees can connect with leaders in the long-term care and caregiving industry who provide a variety of services:

  • Care planning resources
  • Home healthcare evaluations
  • In-home loneliness solutions
  • Care navigation support and community services for caregivers
  • End of life planning
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Employees can explore the variety of free resources that can assist over the course of the entire continuum of care:

  • Health assessments that range from functional & cognitive to depression & anxiety which help establish baselines and track progression and recovery
  • Directories of care facilities and providers nationwide, with an array of data points not easily found elsewhere including health & fire inspections, and staffing
  • Educational tools such as cost of care calculators, fact sheets, and guides to having tough conversations with aging loved ones

Long-Term Care insurance is a unique employee benefit that requires a unique enrollment process & philosophy. ACSIA Partners makes the process seamless for our broker partners and their employer clients.

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