Shopping for Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be Uniquely Frustrating, says ACSIA Partners

June 27, 2016


KIRKLAND, Wash., June 27, 2016 — If you’re in the market for long-term care insurance, you may be in for a long, exasperating slog, according to ACSIA Partners, one of America’s largest long-term care insurance agencies. “Unfortunately, LTC insurance isn’t an easy thing to buy,” says Denise Gott, the company’s CEO. “You can’t just comparison shop for it as you can for a TV or refrigerator.”

Most shoppers find themselves plowing through general information and regulatory guidance without uncovering any specific policies or prices, she asserts. “It’s frustrating and a big turnoff. So we offer an easy solution: comparison shopping on the consumer’s behalf.”

Gott applauds an article published last week on the LTC Guild website, entitled “Shopping for Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be a Big Fat Pain.” It documents a hypothetical New Jersey woman’s futile attempt to shop for LTC insurance in the same way she recently shopped for a backyard trampoline, a new home, and a new car.

“It would be hilarious if the gist of it weren’t so true for so many,” says Gott. The article is available at

“LTC insurance is almost in a class by itself,” Gott says. “Until recently health insurance was also hard to buy, but now, with the Affordable Care Act, you can easily comparison shop for it on or the state marketplaces.”

“With LTC insurance, the only viable shopping alternative is to rely on an intermediary — an impartial, state-licensed agent or broker that represents multiple carriers and can do the research on your behalf,” she says.

But finding the right intermediary can be a challenge. Her company makes it easier in four ways:

  1. Offering over 300 experienced intermediaries (state-licensed LTC specialists) covering all parts of the nation,
  2. Representing several leading LTC carriers, not just one or two,
  3. Equalizing commissions so agents have no incentive to favor one policy over another, and
  4. Maintaining an educational stance: informing people and helping them move at their own pace toward their own conclusions.

To speak with an intermediary covering your area, submit a request here:

ACSIA Partners LLC — — serves organizations as well as families. The company is also a co-founder and sponsor of the “3in4 Need More” campaign, which encourages Americans to form a long-term care plan.

The LTC Guild is a network where long-term care and allied professionals meet and share information with the public.

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