Digital Marketing for Agents

Seventy-two percent of internet users today are active in social media, and it is for this reason why you, as an insurance agent, should take advantage of this free medium to build your network, meet new clients and market your product.

Apart from staying in touch and building relationships, social media also influences the purchasing behavior of its users. In fact, 70 percent of marketers gain new customers through Facebook and 34 percent generate leads by the use of Twitter.

Depending on how you’re going to use it, social media can be an advantage or disadvantage in your career as an insurance agent. Since that is the case, you must learn the strategies of marketing through this medium. Your goal is to gain the trust of your market and at the same time, show the world what you’re capable of doing and why your product is the better choice.

The Truth about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will only work to your advantage if you consistently engage in different social networks. Sharing an insurance-related article or updating your Linkedin profile when you only feel like it will not just cut it. This is where agents usually get it wrong. They think that a random post here and there will work, but sadly, that’s insufficient.

Digital marketing, like with other selling strategies, needs commitment and hard work. You need to maintain your online presence and offer your audience a variety of content that is interesting and helpful to them.

Tips for Effective Digital Marketing

Build a relationship with your audience.

Genuine concern is the foundation of a good relationship. If you want to build trust among your market, make sure that you show them that their best interest is your priority. Post articles or materials that are relevant to their needs such as health issues, safety tips, and industry news.

When you give people what they need, you are showing them that helping them is your main goal, and earning a commission only comes next.

Don’t overdo your sales pitch.

Be subtle as much as possible when you market online. Sounding too preachy will only drive your potential clients away. Criticizing your competitors and people who didn’t end up doing business with you will not help too. Yes, social media is a less formal platform but that doesn’t mean that you can abandon professionalism in your dealings online.

Likewise, it’s very important to avoid being too opinionated. When you share content, avoid offering opinion that’s not relevant to your intent. This can backfire especially when you make a stand on sensitive issues like politics, religion, and homosexuality.

Offer direct to the point and simple explanations.

People generally turn away from something that they don’t know. As you explain the ins and outs of insurance, avoid beating around the bush and be direct. It’s also important to speak in a language that common people can easily understand and lessen the use of technical terms and insurance jargons.

When you’re able to discuss your product and services clearly, more people will be attracted to do business with you.

Keep it professional.

It’s important that your personal life will not overlap with your work as an agent. Keep them separate by using different accounts for these purposes. Your personal account is for staying in touch with people with your family and loved ones, whereas your professional account is for staying connected with your clients.

Offer something free.

People love getting something without charge. Since that is the case, you can demonstrate your expertise by answering questions and giving advice for free. This is a good way to build trust among your potential clients boost your reputation.

Be consistent.

In order to stay on track in digital marketing, you need to stick to your purpose. Make sure that everything you post in your social media accounts is relevant and supplemental to that goal.

Likewise, choose to commit in managing your accounts in the different platforms you signed up for. This is a common pitfall among agents because they think that they lack the time to engage in social media and fail to give time for it. However, you need to be consistent with your online presence if you want to create a huge influence and post new content at least once a week.

Creating good content is essential, but you also need to find ways on how it will reach potential clients. That’s why you need to actively engage in social media because that’s where they are and you can’t just expect them to find your post, photo, or article.

Provide contact information.

It’s important to provide your contact information on your social media accounts because some people would opt to get in touch with you instead of just exchanging instant messages via the internet.


Providing incentives or give-aways can encourage audience participation because people love getting free gifts. Though the items that you will give away don’t cost much, they can still promote interaction and traffic in your website and social media accounts.

Seek help

There are digital marketing companies that help businesses and marketers engage with their target audience. If you need help in maintaining you social media accounts, you can seek their services in order to keep your online activity more consistent.

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