Dementia Cases Are Soaring, Compounding the Need for Long-Term Care

July 29, 2022



ACSIA Partners LLC Offers a Four-Part Solution

Lakewood, OH July 29, 2022 — Today ACSIA Partners LLC details its four-part “solution set” for Americans facing a growing problem: how to cope when family members succumb to dementia — on top of ordinary long-term care needs.

Two seemingly separate problems conflate. When dementia (a group of disorders which includes Alzheimer’s disease) strikes, memory and other faculties decline. Sufferers face increased odds of becoming dependent on others for long-term care (help with eating, bathing, and other tasks of daily living). This can put family members in a tight spot. They may not have the resources to hire help, have the physical stamina to provide care, or they may have responsibilities a great distance away and are unable to relocate to help care for their loved one. Family members are often forced to cut their livelihood in half by leave a paying job – as well as neglect their own household duties or lives.

“Our four-part solution helps prevent this from happening,” says Denise Gott, a Long-Term Care planning specialist with ACSIA Partners LLC, which maintains offices in Lakewood.

Dementia cases – as well as care costs – are projected to more than double by the 2040s, according to federally-funded projections by RAND Corporation, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In 2040, 9.1 million will suffer from dementia, up from 3.8 million in 2010. The cost of care will continue to mushroom to a range of $379 billion to $511 billion in 2040, up from $159 billion to $215 billion in 2010. The per-capita cost will rise more slowly, but it will still be by massive amounts.

Separately, the Alzheimer’s Association has been warning, year after year, of the financial impact of dementia on American families. It could soar to more than $1 trillion a year by 2050, says a recent report in the Washington Post.

“This mental-physical-social-familial problem is real and substantial,” says Gott. “But so are the financial answers.”

The company’s solution set consists of –

1. Long-term care insurance, to cover care expenses for disabilities including dementia.

2. Life insurance policies with long-term care riders.

3. Annuities that include integrated long-term care coverage.

4. Critical illness insurance, available for a variety of health issues including cancer, heart disease, and dementia.

“With any or a combination of these solutions,” says Gott, “Americans can breathe easier. But they should remember to get protected while memory still serves.”

“In addition to serving consumers, ACSIA Partners LLC is a leader in protection for a variety of organizations,” Gott says. “We offer educational opportunities to associations, worksites, and strategic partnerships. Our worksite offerings include a variety of portable individual voluntary plans with group advantages.”

In California the company is known as xACSIA Partners Insurance Agency; in other states, as ACSIA Partners.

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