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Learning About Long-Term Care the Easy Way, in a Group Setting

May 30, 2019


Long-term care specialist, Denise Gott, available to speak to local organizations Fort Myers, FL May 30, 2019 — Most people over 40 need information on their long-term care options, but may not take time to learn on their own. Now … Continued

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How Seniors Can Keep Their Brain Young

May 22, 2019


Every brain changes with age, and a decline of functionality with cognitive abilities and processes is often inevitable for seniors. Along with the obvious needs of seniors, such as adequate housing and proper access to health care, brain health is … Continued

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The Looming Long-Term Care Gap: As Older Americans Proliferate, Family Caregivers Dwindle, Says LTC Agent Denise Gott

April 25, 2019


Fort Myers, FL April 25, 2019 — Good news, more of us are living longer. Americans 65 and older will increase from 46 million in 2016 to over 98 million in 2060, according to “Aging in the United States,” a … Continued

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Institutional Care or Home Care? With the Right Plan, the Choice Can Be Yours, According to Long-Term Care Agent Denise Gott

March 26, 2019


Want to keep living in your own home as long as possible, in spite of needing long-term care? “Then look into an LTC plan that is good for both purposes,” says Denise Gott, FL-based agent with ACSIA Partners LLC. Long-term … Continued

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Long-term Care Agent Denise Gott Applauds U.S. News & World Report for “6 Ways to Pay”

February 26, 2019


Sticker shock holding you back? Are you pretty sure you can’t afford long-term care insurance — for yourself, spouse, aging parent, or other loved one — even though you want the protection? "Then an article in U.S. News & World … Continued

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Caregivers to Be Honored as ‘Saints’ in New Orleans ‘Gift Bag Assembly’ Event, Organized by ACSIA Partners LLC

January 15, 2019


Family caregivers may not be as famous as the New Orleans Saints, but they’re just as devoted and equally worthy of recognition – They’re to be recognized in New Orleans on Saturday, January 19 Fort Myers, FL January 16, 2019 … Continued

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Start the New Year with a Long-Term Gift: Long-Term Care Insurance

December 21, 2018


“Millions should consider the gift of long-term care insurance," says Gott. "It makes sense any time, but at New Year’s resolutions time, a decision to go for it could be particularly enticing." No matter who you get the policy for … Continued

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Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance Has Been Eclipsed by Life Insurance that Also Covers Long-Term Care

November 26, 2018


But buyer beware, such a policy may or may not fit your particular needs. Fort Myers, FL November 26, 2018 — Americans seem to be buying long-term care protection in a brand new way, as an add-on to life insurance. … Continued

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Senior with family

This November, Five Organizations Want You to Be Aware of Long-Term Care

October 24, 2018


Fort Myers, FL September 25, 2018 — Not everyone stands to benefit from long-term care insurance, but everyone should be aware of the facts about it, according to The Motley Fool, the financial advice magazine. “I applaud them for highlighting … Continued

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Long-Term Care Agent Denise Gott Applauds The Motley Fool for Highlighting Key Facts About LTC Protection

September 25, 2018


The decision aid is now available from ACSIA Partners Fort Myers, FL September 25, 2018 — Not everyone stands to benefit from long-term care insurance, but everyone should be aware of the facts about it, according to The Motley Fool, … Continued

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