Care Agent Denise Gott Recommends “Stories of Celebrity Caregiving” to Inspire Caregivers

May 23, 2018



Fort Myers, FL May 23, 2018 — A popular set of inspirational stories is now available online. “Stories of Celebrity Caregiving" is an update of a collection originally published in 2014 by the Long Term Care Guild.

“My company is the original sponsor and I highly recommend this update,” says Denise Gott, FL-based agent with ACSIA Partners LLC.

"It’s a selection of the caregiving reports of movie stars, politicians, and other luminaries. It’s inspiring, and it offers an upbeat way for all of us to think about the caregiving that may lie ahead for us."

Celebrities are just like everyone else, Gott points out. They face the prospect of someday needing to provide long-term care for an incapacitated parent, spouse, or other loved ones.

"In one way, however, celebrities are different," Gott points out. “They all have an audience, and many use it to help and encourage others.”

“Stories of Celebrity Caregiving” is available as a Medium publication at

Gott’s company offers access to a variety of services that help ease the burden of caregiving:

  • Long-term care insurance policies from multiple carriers,
  • Annuities with tax-advantaged LTC features,
  • Life insurance policies with LTC riders,
  • Critical illness insurance,
  • And additional protections including education about LTC needs and referrals to care services.

The company’s assistance also includes special options for employee and association groups.

More information is available from ACSIA at or (866) 471-4072.

In California the company is known as xACSIA Partners Insurance Agency; in other states, as ACSIA Partners.

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