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3 Factors that Affect the Cost of LTCi

April 4, 2014


The cost of LTCi is determined by a number of factors. Learn what these are and find the right coverage that best suits your finances and needs.

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5 Reasons Why Women Need LTCi

March 25, 2014


If there’s one policy that women need to have, it would be long term care insurance. Here are five reasons why.

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Is It Time to Buy LTCi? Consider These Factors

March 12, 2014


Right timing is the key to get the best deal for LTCI. Take advantage of your youth and health to get the best coverage there is.

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6 Long Term Care Insurance Myths, Debunked

March 4, 2014


Do you know the truth about LTCI? Clarify the common misconceptions about this policy and see it for what it really is.

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How to Determine If You Need Long Term Care Insurance

February 18, 2014


Is long term care insurance for you? Here are important factors you need to consider.

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6 Things to Consider Before Buying Long Term Care Insurance

February 2, 2014


Buying LTCI is a smart move, but before you do so, here are important things you need to think about.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Long Term Care Insurance

January 24, 2014


Because buying long term care insurance is a big decision, you need to make sure that you avoid these 4 common mistakes.

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Video: When is the Best Time to Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

January 9, 2014


Learn when the best time to acquire your LTCi policy by watching this video.

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15 facts

Infographic: Top 15 Enlightening Facts about Caregivers

October 9, 2013


Read some interesting and enlightening facts regarding caregivers and appreciate their contributions to our quality of life.

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Infographic: World Alzheimer’s Month

September 26, 2013


Help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease this World Alzheimer’s Month by sharing this fact sheet about the elderly disease.

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